Second Floor

Map of 2nd Floor - Rowan Oak

(1) Estelle’s Bedroom

In 1934 Faulkner added this bedroom, and eventually it became Estelle’s. The windows provided exceptional light for painting and for bird watching, which she enjoyed. Her book collection reflects an interest in spiritual matters. Due to her husband’s dislike of air-conditioning, the window unit was added the day after Faulkner’s funeral.

(2) Faulkner’s Bedroom

The number “64” on the mantel is an identifying number worn by him at a Virginia horse show. The books on his bedside bookshelf range from biographies to mystery novels and reflect his varied reading interests. Faulkner enjoyed photography, and two of his cameras are on the mantel. His riding boots and field boots, along with his shoeshine kit, remain as testaments of his love for the outdoors, especially riding sports.

(3) Jill’s Bedroom

The portrait of Jill as a young girl was painted by her grandmother, Maud Butler Falkner. This was her bedroom until she left for college in 1952.

(4) Children’s Bedroom

This was occupied by a number of children during Faulkner’s life. Estelle’s children, Malcolm and Victoria, nephews Jimmy and Chooky, and his niece, Dean, all enjoyed Rowan Oak. Faulkner often entertained the children by telling ghost stories. One story was about a favorite fictional character Judith Sheegog, who was unlucky in love and flung herself off the front balcony when faced with becoming an old maid. Faulkner told the children that she was buried under the magnolia in the circle garden opposite the house. Faulkner may have been trying to ensure that the children would exercise caution when on the balcony.

Map of 2nd Floor - Rowan Oak